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 Marcel in 1944    Marcel on 14 November 2010

Marcel 'Mac' Desrosiers was born on July 3rd 1925 in Lowell, MA., where he attended  Ste. Jeanne d'Arc grade school. On July 5th 1935 his family moved to Waltham, MA, where he attended St. Charles Elementary & Highschool, from which he graduated in 1942.

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After highschool Mac became a shipsfitter apprentice at the Boston Navy Yard, where he helped rebuild the USS Wakefield (AP-21), the former SS Manhattan from the United States lines.

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His oldest brother Ed joined the Massachusetts National guard in the mid-thirties and became part of the 211th Field Artillery. Brother Bob was drafted on August 26th 1942, and because of his watch making skills, became involved in instrument repair and map making.

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Motivated by his father's World War I service in the Navy, as well as his brothers already serving in World War II, he enlisted in the Navy on July 2nd 1943.

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