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At Philadelphia I left the USS Runels to the separation Center at Lido Beach on Long Island and was discharged.  I took the Long Island RR home from there.

Looking back at my military and war experience, I am glad for the experience but was glad it was over and have a sense of pride that I participated.

Homecoming was very nice.  I took a few weeks off, found a temp job and then started George Washington University using the GI Bill, from which I graduated in 1955.

I took up accounting and became a CPA.  I've worked for Price Waterhouse Coopers, KPMG, Control Data Corp, First Virginia Bank and up to this year I was doing part time tax work for a local CPA firm Miller\Musmar.

I was on an audit assignment at the American Security and Trust Co. which was located on the corner of Penn. Ave. and 15th Street.  My future wife was employed there, and I had the opportunity to check her figures and we became socially compatible and eventually married.  We married in 1956, bought our first house using a VA loan, and we had eight children in the first eight years of our marriage.


Bill Talks about post WWII life:

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