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Pre-WWII Military Service:

selective service reg card front 101640   selective service reg card back

Registration Certificate, front and back

selective service reg card 2 front 101640   selective service reg card 2 back

Duplicate Registration Card, front and back

selective service 3 front   selective service 3 back 080241

Notice to appear for physical ezamination

selective service 2 front   selective service 2 back

Notice of Continuation of Classification

selective service 5 front   selective service 5 back 081241

Notice of Classification

selective service 4 front   selective service 4 back 031742

Notice to appear for Physical Examination

selective service 1 front   selective service 1 back 032642

Notice of Classification

 WWII Military Service:

 id card   id card back

Dick's ID card

immunization record front   immunization record back

Immunization Record (stapled in back of pay-record)

certificate HAPARNOLD   certificate president truman

Certificates of Appreciation from General Arnold and President Truman

North Atlantic Vet Association   mil service summary

Appreciation from the North Atlantic Veterans Association 
and Dick;s service Summary

honorable service front   honorable service back

Honorable service in USAAF

veterans bonus

Veterans Bonus Certificate

 Post WWII Reserves Paperwork

aaa membership

air reserve id card   air reserve ic card back

Air Reserve ID Card

id card enlisted reserve corps   id card enlisted reserve corps back

ID Card Enlisted Reserve Corps