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Post WWII: sound icon

 After Mac's honorable discharge from the US Navy he went back to school on the GI bill, and got his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree from University of Massachusetts at Amherst College where he also participated in the ROTC.

Army assignments: sound icon

 He was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Army in June 1950 and was stationed in:

 - Korea

 - Okinawa, in charge of POL and water projects

 - Northeastern University, teaching ROTC

 - Ft. Belvoir

 - Karlsruhe Germany, heavy equipment company

 - New England Division of Engineers

 - Korea

 - Pentagon

 - Vietnam

 - Pentagon

In 1972 he retired from the Army, and worked in a civilian capacity until 1991 when he retired for good.

Mac talks about his family: sound icon

He met his wife Mary at the University of Massachusetts in 1948, and they got married on April 1st 1951. They stayed in the Northern Virginia area enjoying retirement in close proximity to most of their 5 children and 11 grandchildren who live in the area.