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 In the fall of 1944, Marcel returned to the States by a United Fruit Line banana boat, and was re-assigned to Little Creek, VA. Shortly thereafter he was assigned to Naval Training Center Miami. The trainride was memorable because of the derailment in Franklin, VA.

In Miami, he helped traine Chinese and Russian sailors on weapons maintenance. While stationed there, he worked at night in Miami Beach, at the Land of Sun Dairies company, from 5 to 11 to make some extra money.

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Several months later he was transferred to USNS Algiers in New Orleans, and stationed on the AOG 15.

Aboard the AOG 15 he was in charge of a security crew, making sure the gangplank was manned and the ship was secure.

During his assignment there he also provided crowd control during a parade for Fleet Admiral "Bull" Halsey, in New Orleans.

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In January 1946 Mac got re-assigned to the staff of the Commander Operational Development Forces in the Norfolk area, operating from the USS Adirondack - AGC 15.

uss adirondack

USS Adirondack - AGC -15

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While there, he and other gunner's mates participated in a experiment in which brass semi-fixed ammunition cartridges where replaced by composite materials i.e.bakelite.

At the time, he was eligible to get out, but instead extended to July. In july he was put in charge of 25 sailors with orders to Boston to get discharged together.

On  July 6th, 1946, Marcel's three years and one day World War II service came to an end, and he joined the inactive reserve.

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Certificate of Satisfactory Service - Front and Back

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US Naval Reserve ID card - Front and Back