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 "In January of 1943 I was drafted and sent first to Fort Dix, New Jersey, an enlistment center, than a few days later we where on a train to Miami Beach, Florida, basic training for the Army Air Corps.
I spent 21 days in basic, then entrained for Scott Field Illinois, a radio school for training operators for bombers."

d goode and barry scott field ill mar43

Dick Barry and Goode at Scott Field

comm badge

Around this time Dick also earned his left sleeve 'communications badge'

Scott Field Army Air Corps review 1942 (20Mb pdf)

"But being two inches too tall for that position, I was shipped again to Truax Field, Madison, Wisconsin. I spent about 3 or 4 months learning the intricacies of radio repair, then on to Boca Raton, Florida for RADAR instruction.
I was promoted to Corporal, and sent to Will Rogers Field in Oklahoma City."


Dick as corporal, winter '43 - '44

wrf 1944 b 25  wrf 1944 our radio shack  wrf 1944 P 38

wrf 1944 Thielen LA  e  f

Dick's pictures from Will Rogers Field. In the jeep (and in several other photos): Frank Thielen (CA), front passenger. Ted Preston
(Syracuse, NY) behind the wheel, Jim Smith (Boston) rear right ans Dick Barry (New York, NY) rear left.

class a pass   class a pass back

Will Rogers Field class A pass

"I was there for a period of a few months and was then transferred to Grenier Field, Manchester, New Hampshire"

specialty badge

Dick's "Technician badge and bars"
For those who had at least six months of service, demonstrated ability and were
skilled in their specialization.